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Letter to Maya Angelou is a book this is supposed to entice the reader’s interest and provoke them to delve into deep thought on environmental and society troubles.
One hundred breath-taking, intimate pix of Maya Angelou Quarter nature scenes had been covered in this e book. Beautiful photographs of flocks of birds simply starting off in flight, enchanting forests, lovely autumn color and splendid sunsets have been enough to make me partial to the ebook.
The images are accompanied with poetic verses, which, sadly, did now not take me back to the fact. Honestly, I did now not even apprehend some of the verses. Overall, though, it become clean that the author’s cause was to inspire openness to adventure, the opportunity for increase and participation in problems that be counted. I surely preferred a few statements particularly, “Let your heart be your guide, and the mind a device” and “It’s usually a vacation whilst you love”.
Oluwadahusi is a person who has been juggling many hats for a while – from being a lawyer, creator and poet, to the greater profitable efforts as a instructor and father. He warns his readers that “any apparent disorder in any of the textual content, lack of punctuation” changed into carried out with the cause to initiate the reader to fill within the blanks for themselves.
Readers interested in this e book (ISBN#: 1420820486), the snap shots (US Fish & Wildlife Service) or the author (Oluwadahunsi) can accomplish that with an Internet seek on the writer (Author House). The e-book is may be ordered in through maximum on-line or retail bookstores.