A Massage Therapy Business – How to Make Six Figures in Your Massage Therapist Business

This article discusses if and the way a massage therapist genuinely can make six figures of their massage therapy commercial enterprise.

Truthfully, the median income for massage therapists is under $50,000 in step with yr. Many earn lots less than this. This is predominantly due to the fact many pick out to paintings element time. But what approximately the entrepreneur who wants a complete time rub down therapy commercial enterprise and needs to make a 6 figure earnings?

How To Make Six Figures From Your Massage Therapist Business

Well most rubdown therapists have a base rate that equates to around a dollar in line with minute, so an hour rubdown would be around $60. Mind you, I’ve visible an awful lot better, in 2002 I stayed at an upmarket resort in Fiji that charged $250 USD in line with hour for a massage! But permit’s use $60 per hour for this case.

6 x 1 hour massage in keeping with day, 6 days in line with week, 48 weeks in keeping with yr. This is really ‘do-able’. 2 remedies in the morning, 4 in the afternoon / nighttime, 6 days in step with week with 1 month off consistent with yr for excursion, and you are making a 6 parent earnings. $103,680 to be actual.

While a enterprise like this will simply take time to establish, it is definitely manageable. This leads us to 2 in addition questions:

1. How to make six figures in your massage therapy business whilst running less than this?
2. For the very formidable – the way to make even MORE than this in your rubdown therapist enterprise?

1 – How To Work Less And STILL Make Six Figures In Your Massage Therapy Business?

While this work load would not be an trouble for some, for others, the idea of averaging 6 x 1 hour massages in keeping with day, 6 days in keeping with week is a chunk an excessive amount of for their liking. So to make the identical quantity even as operating less, it’s easy, replacement some of your rubdown sales with a unique form of sales that you can nevertheless make on your rubdown commercial enterprise.

For example, let’s consider you want to do 6 much less massages consistent with week. Instead of 6 in line with day, you need to average five per day. Or maybe you need to paintings five days in line with week instead of 6. You want to discover a substitute revenue earner to bring in $360 in line with week.

The easiest manner, promote merchandise, right here are a few thoughts:

· Massage oils
· Massage books
· Massage motion pictures
· Massage pillows and rollers
· Yoga and Pilates merchandise
· Massage novelty merchandise – like mugs and t-shirts

You can also run a route as soon as per month 피쉬안마 coaching massage for domestic use. You can focus on a selected massage niche like:

· Face and scalp rubdown
· Back, neck and shoulder rubdown
· Couples massage
· Massage for babies

If you’ve got simply 10 human beings paying $200 for an all day, or weekend route, it really is $2000.

2 – How To Make Even MORE Than 100K Per Year From Your Massage Therapist Business?

When you get to a six figure earnings level, you may find you are so enthused with your enterprise which you just do not want to forestall, your entrepreneurial genes kick in and you need to increase your earnings even in addition.

Of route you may add all the matters I noted above, promote merchandise, run courses, but there is additionally every other principal strategy… Leverage.

Leverage Your Massage Therapy Business

This method leverage some time. If you’re doing 6 massages per day, all you need to do to triple your profits is do 18 massages per day, besides of route you couldn’t physically do it!

But in case you are at this level of commercial enterprise understanding, you can surely scale up your advertising to growth your purchasers, and rent different rubdown therapists. Imagine having 1, 2 or 3 other rub down therapists working for you and also you keeping 50% of what they make. That’s the power of leverage.

This may also appear a daunting approach, however when you have set up a successful rubdown remedy commercial enterprise and have collected a few commercial enterprise competencies and entrepreneurial skills, leveraging your commercial enterprise on this way can take your profits to a completely new stage that you may have as soon as notion not possible for you.

I wish those ideas on how to make six figures from your personal massage therapist enterprise have given you meals for concept and inspired you to set better desires for wherein you need to take your commercial enterprise. Other a hit rub down therapy agencies are doing it and reaping the blessings, why now not you too?

Arthur Bakeright is a qualified massage therapist and avid traveler. He now writes notably on each rubdown and journey.

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