Anouk Govil – Dangers and Hazards of Kayaking

Kayaking is adventurous; however, there are some signs of danger that you must be aware of in order to stay safe. You should be educated on them so that you can detect them at an early stage to avoid mishaps or, worse, a grave accident.

Anouk Govil – What are these danger signs?

Anouk Govil is a sports enthusiast and junior scientist pursuing Biology Majors. She is passionate about open mic and resides in Venture, CA, in the USA. She says that you should be aware of the following signs of hazard and danger when you are in a kayak-

  1. Waterways that are inappropriate for your skill levels- Never venture into a waterway that is not suited to your kayaking skill levels. If you have the skill level but lack the equipment to tackle it, the waterway must be avoided at all costs. In order to prevent venturing into a waterway that is inappropriate for you, ensure you undertake adequate research on specific parameters like the temperature of the water and the air. You should consult the locals of the area and ask them about tides and currents so that you are aware of them as well.
  2. Rapids- This refers to water that flows over any obstruction that later will lead to turbulence. This turbulence is created by the presence of boulders that are under the surface.
  3. Potholes, also known as undercuts- There are kayaking hazards that are submerged under the water. They generally do not affect the passage that lies overhead; however, they can be a trap for any kayak that has capsized under the edge of the riverbank. They can also entrap the person against rocks.
  4. Paddling on your own- Now, this safety tip might not go down too well with experienced kayakers. However, if you are a beginner, it is not wise to paddle alone and venture into unfamiliar territory. The winds, as well as the current, can transform the waters into danger at any time. Moreover, in such a situation, you need to make prompt decisions and so being proactive and staying calm is the key when you are paddling along in unknown territory.
  5. Not knowing any self-rescue techniques- It is prudent or rather mandatory for every kayaker to be aware of self-rescue techniques. There are many methods for you to learn, and you should have knowledge when it comes to the use of paddle floats that give you the requisite stability that you need at that time. Moreover, you must be able to tell the difference between identifying signs of danger and the ability to survive when in the face of it.

Anouk Govil sums up by saying that if you are really serious about kayaking, you must ensure that you learn the basic survival skills from a good and experienced kayaker. It takes years of you to learn and practice to be perfect at it. However, safety always comes first, so keep in mind the above danger signs before venturing out onto the waters and stay safe!