Evan Dombroski – What Are The Top Qualities of Successful Security Guards

What does it take to become a successful security guard? This is a question that most aspirants ask themselves before they join the profession. The first and foremost thing that one should have is the willingness to become a security guard with the attitude to be ready for any situation at any time of the day or night.

Evan Dombroski is a security guard at Jefferson Security located in Ohio in the USA. He completed his education at the Harrison Central School. When it comes to becoming a security guard, he says that you should be mentally agile and physically fit. A good security guard has the following qualities-

  1. Rationality – Besides having quick reflexes, a good security guard should have the good judgment to anticipate any potential threat and how serious it can get in case it exists. Here, the term rationality means making proper sense of the situation and predicting how it might turn out.
  2. Team player and leader – You often will never find security guards in groups. However, they all work as a team. You should know when it is the right time to assert yourself and when you should step back and follow orders. In short, you need to have a proficient team playing skills and leadership ability to ensure your premise is effectively protected.
  3. Good interpersonal and communication skills – Besides reporting to your employer, teammates, and the public, you should be able to clearly explain the current situation, especially when you are under threat, as precisely and clearly as possible. This will enable you to direct the present situation in the safest way possible.
  4. Exceptional fitness and strength – The job demands frequent physical confrontation in some cases. You need to ensure that you have exceptional fitness and strength that will help you to outrun a thief, fight or even break up between unruly persons. In short, you need to ensure that you are stronger when it comes to keeping up with offenders.
  5. Education and proper training – You must be educated and receive the proper training to protect a premise. There are reputed institutes that train you to become a good security guard. You must ensure yourself with these institutions to get the latest knowledge and industry training necessary for the post and career you choose.

The courses will teach you everything from self-defense tactics to control crowds. Education and training imply you will embark on a successful and safe career in the future.

Being a security guard also implies you can exercise your natural skills in the career. Mental agility, proactiveness, instinct, etc., are some of the natural skills you should nurture while working.

According to Evan Dombroski it takes some time for you to develop your natural skills with your job. However, once you do, you can ensure the safety of others and the premise you guard and yourself as well!