Top 3 best jewellery stores in Dubai

Since Dubai is a heaven for everything imaginable and unimaginable, you should seriously consider getting yourself one of the apartments for sale in City walk Dubai. Although Dubai is an ideal destination for people with children, individuals who are about the tie knot also find everything they are looking for in Dubai. Especially if you are looking to buy a wedding or engagement ring, there is no place else in the world that could help you get the ring of your dreams at the most competitive price.

Given that, people from all over the world, come here just to buy rings, because the average price of a ring in Dubai could cost them twice if they bought it from anywhere else.

This blog aims to explore great options you are faced with, during the purchasing process.

Fixed cost, engaged or the bargaining?

While purchasing an engagement, wedding or any fancy ring, a shopper often wonders, if they should accept the relative safety of making their purchase by a well known international retailer or whether they should risk by dealing with entrusting an establishment that is only known in Dubai.


If you have to go through a struggle while making a decision like that, let’s take a look at some of the great jewellery shops that could get you the ring you are looking for at competitive rates.

  1. Independent Bespoke Jewellers

If you are on a budget but the ring in your mind is comparable to rings of big brands like Cartier and Tiffany, Independent Bespoke Jewellers is the place to go.

Although ‘Independent Bespoke Jewellers’ has an expensive ring to it, the jewellery makers here aim to offer the most expensive ring designs at relatively much cheaper rates. Therefore by choosing this company, you would be getting yourself a really great deal.

Furthermore, this shop is also really accessible and the jewellers here are quite easy to contact. They also have pretty responsive social media pages, where they put they advertise their brand as well.

  1. Dubai Mall Souq

Just like all the great malls in Dubai, like Deira City Centre and Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall Souq is also adorned with series of beautiful jewellery shops.

Although these jewellery shops are not very popular, you can rely on their services and products. That is because all the shop owners and jewellery makers of these shops have invested a lot of money and hard work in establishing their business inside the mall as renowned as Dubai Mall Souq. In addition to everything, you can also bargain here and slash off a huge price of the cost.

There are also a couple of guidelines here. For instance before going to shop for a ring, look up to the price of gold, as well as the quality and size of diamonds.

Since the manufacturing cost or the price of workmanship of rings are astonishingly little in Dubai, jewellers of Dubai can very easily compete on an international level.

To get the best price, you should always suggest a price that is half the amount demanded by the shopkeeper.  If they decline the offer, keep increasing it bit by bit, do not rush because it is all a game. Keep in mind that the seller would not accept the offer until they are getting some profit out of it.

  1. The Gold and Diamond Park

This a wonderful location where you could get any wedding ring you desire. Present at the heart of Sheikh Zayed Road, you can access this shop by getting towards the Mall of the Emirates.

At this shop, one can buy a ring right from the counter, or you can also get it made according to your own liking and specifications. To get the ring you fantasize about, we recommend you to go with either a sketch of the ring or any clipping of it from the magazine. If the jeweller is smart, they would know what you are after just by hearing your description.



Apart from great jewellery shops, Dubai is the hub of many other exciting things. So to get the best out of this city, we cannot recommend you enough to start living here and get a penthouse for sale in Dubai.